CultureMediaConcepts® offers Culture Media in traditional and custom formulations for microbiological testing in the Food Safety, Personal Care, BioPharm, Clinical, Vet Pharma, and the Nutraceutical market segments.  Our business strategy is product inovation and we at CultureMediaConcepts® work closely with our business partners to provide formats for specific testing needs.

A few things we’re great at


Our SampleReady® soluble pouches are available in weights from 2.9 grams up to 2K. The soluble media pouches are hermetically sealed in Mylar bags to preserve the freshly packaged media for the duration of its shelf life.


The EnviroReady® sampling devices have oversized pointed, polyurethane foam tip with a rigid paddle-like structure within the foam. This gives the tip stability and makes it easy to reach into crevices where other foam tips may bunch up, crush, or fold over.


DiluteReady® Dilution Sample Bags offer a convenient format with a variety of culture media options. Sample pre-renrichment of a 1:9 sample-to-broth ratio can be achieved using 25g and 50g analytical units from homogenized samples.